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Trebizond Kingfisher

Wednesday - 20 February 1952


Destroyer named in honor of Great War hero launched

Having been ordered in 1946 and laid down last year, the newly-commissioned destroyer KPV Vimion Laerennis was formally launched on Tuesday evening in Sinope, flanked by an elaborate ceremony orchestrated by the Pontic Maritime Force. The vessel, originally designated Melkatos during the early construction phase, has been billed as the first step in an ambitious naval re-armament program aimed at bolstering and modernizing the Pontic fleet in the wake of the devastation wrought by the Imperial Russian Navy during the early war years. The decision to commemorate the late General Laerennis, who was killed in the Russian siege of Trebizond whilst in command of the Pontic Ground Force's 5th Army, was finalized whilst the recently-completed destroyer awaited its illustrious shakedown cruise. Laerennis' wife of 38 years and four adult children, as well as a sizeable crowd of veterans from the very battle which claimed his life, were present as the ceremony got under way.

Queen Haehra hospitalised

A spokesman for the royal family in Trebizond confirmed last night that Her Majesty Queen Haehra, former queen consort to King Sparaekon IV and grandmother of King Vatharion IX, was admitted to the Princess Daenora Memorial Hospital pending treatment for a chest infection. While further details were declined to keep in line with the wishes of the dowager queen, who celebrated her 99th birthday last month, we have been assured in no uncertain terms that Her Majesty is in good spirits and expected to be back at the palace within the week.