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Region: The Confederacy of Free Nations

Russkov Soviet wrote:The Holy Office of the Inquisition is the highest court in the land, and all gamers have been drafted into the military.

Well then... I guess my religion is quite influential. And no one is safe from serving in our military, because there is a mandatory 1 year minimum policy. (We aren't that cruel. They have a choice! [See below])

So.. You've been conscripted into the Equestrian Armed Forces? You can chose your future!

Front Line: These troops are the best of the best and represent the Equestrian Union. They will be the first into the fray.

Reserves: Just as hardened as the Front Line troops, but will come in as back up. During peacetime, they will assist with keeping the bases supplied and so on.

Home Guard: The above two are combined. They will defend the Motherland on Her soil, but will also be used as police/border patrol. Recruiters are former Front Line soldiers.

I'd conscientiously object.