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This is Radio New Vegas, and I'm your host, Mr. New Vegas. And in case you're wondering if you've come to the right place, you have.

Whoops, better put on my newsman fedora, here.

Quarry Junction resumes operation

Secutritrons have cleared out the last Deathclaw nest at Quarry Junction, allowing humans to safely move around there. The FEZ Of New Vegas has contracted an NCR construction company, the Brotherhood of Mines, to mine construction material for New Vegas. It seems that these stones will be used to rebuild New Vegas to its former glory.

Firefights at Camp Guardian, Domino eludes Bounty Hunters and Rangers

An assault of Bounty Hunters and Desert Rangers on Camp Guardian to capture Dean Domino dead or alive has ended with Lakelurks being discovered in the area. Domino has seemingly escaped, as his body his missing and has left no clue to his whereabouts. He has presumably gone east.

The Collected Writings Of Randall Clark

Col. Franklin Wallace and a Follower archivist have went around Zion, collecting the writings of a survivalist in Zion Valley, Randall Clark. They have compiled his writings on Post-War Utah and Zion Valley into a book, it is available for purchase in Vault 21, Novac's Motel, the Nash Building in Primm and Zion itself. When asked about his future writings, he said that he intends to compile writings from the Sierra Madre and Big MT for his next project. The Sorrow Tribe, learning of their deity's fate, has given an official burial to Randall Clark. The book also includes Franklin Wallace's notes about the tribes of Zion Valley and some text from Vault 22 dwellers.

Raider Coalition loses Horowitz Farmstead, retreats into Jacobstown ruins

A successful assault consisting of Securitrons, the Shadow Company, Desert Rangers and Westside Militia has resulted in the Raider Coalition retreating from the area into the Jacobstown area. Some have tried to escape into Vault 22, but a battle there ensured that those who went there are either dead or captured. Civilians are strongly advised against venturing into Jacobstown, as heavy combat activity is present in the area.

Legion Civil War

Caesar's Legion has descended into Civil War as the Aurelius of Denver has led a coalition of recently-annexed tribes against Vulpes Inculta's government. A third group has emerged, consisting of various officers, petty and higher, led by the Praetorian Guard's leader, Lucius. Civilians are heavily advised against venturing east of the Colorado River.

Today's headlines were brought to you by Primm. Primm. The other New Vegas.

Hey New Vegas, have you ever said you loved someone when it wasn't quite true? Sure you have. But you shouldn't. Because It's a Sin to Tell a Lie. Heh, up next.

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