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Western afrika

Furstia wrote:A few minutes after the rebel leader signed the document in which the Republican Movement was now recognized by the Socialist Republic of Furstia as the legitimate government of West Africa, the orders to proceed with the second phase of Operation "Scorpion" were relayed to all personnel of the Furstian People's Armed Forces deployed in the neighboring nation.

Half an hour later, in some cases facing only minimal or no resistance, the personnel of the Furstian People's Army had seized TV & Radio stations, administrative buildings and entry checkpoints throughout the cities of Abidjan, Accra, Cotonou, Ouagadougou, Yamoussoukro and Lomé.
Other troops had to be persuaded to surrender after being completely surrounded by the Furstian People's Army, like the garrisons guarding the entrances of labor camps, or the Royal Guards in the Palace.

At Yamoussoukro, the CTAM Force and the troops from the 10th Mount Brigade surrounded the compound where King Ffumbe was hiding, trying to shelter himself and those around him from the inevitable collapse of the West African monarchy.

As the Furstian soldiers pointed their guns at the building and Mi-24 helicopters flew above, warnings being broadcasted in the Igbo language could be heard from loudspeakers.

"Mr. Ffumbe Ngige. Order your followers to surrender and lay down their arms. You are surrounded. Abidjan is now under control of the Republican Movement. The Furstian People's Army has pledged to support the new movement of the masses of West Africa. This conflict has come to its end."

As the last king of West Africa contemplated his choices, Mrs. Aysi Amaechi was being transported to the capital of her country by the Naval Aviation of the Furstian People's Navy. The republican revolution had triumphed.

Defiance of a Demon

King Ffumbe, only reigning for a few weeks, had yet to truly experience being king. He merely took over the war his brother took over from their mother. Hearing the calls from outside, he refused in his mind to give in. He had to give the loyalists one last stand. He couldn't let the Republican Movement win so easily. A few moments later, the remaining guards were ordered to open fire on the Furstian soldiers. This was his final stand. He must uphold his family name against all those who oppose it.