by Max Barry

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Region: Geopolity

Western afrika

Furstia wrote:Soon after the first rounds had been fired by the men still loyal to the young King, a number of different voices across all radios were transmitting the same message.

"Fuego, Fuego", "Abran fuego", "Fuego a discreción".
(Fire, Fire), (Open fire), (Fire at will).

The enemy was surrounded, outnumbered, and found itself under overlapping fields of fire. But it was Ffumbe's choice to have his men die in that way. Some of his guards fell to the ground, struck by hails of 7.62mm bullets, while the Furstians had only to regret a few wounded men.

"Alto al fuego"
(Hold your fire)
An order finally echoed throughout the radios and immediately, all rifles and machine guns stopped shooting.

"Escuadrón 'Chikra'. Chikra-1, 2 y 3, fuego de ametralladora sobre el objetivo." soon ordered the colonel who was in charge of the operation.
('Chikra' squad. Chikra-1, 2 and 3, machine gun fire over the target.)

"Esquadrón 'Chikra', recibido. Chikra-1, 2 y 3, abriendo fuego contra el objectivo."
('Chikra' squad, copy that. Chikra-1, 2 and 3, firing at the target.)

3 Mi-24s fired their 12.7mm guns at the building. After 20 seconds, they stopped.

Those who hadn't fell yet were probably hiding wherever they could, in fear. Once again, a warning was launched through loudspeakers.

"To anyone that remains in the building, surrender immediately. This is your last chance."

Young soldiers, some who chose to duck and hide and not to shoot looked at each other. They nodded, left their weapons, and walked out with their hands up.

"Estamos desarmados! No queremos hacer daño." called out Private First Class, Nubia Ojukwu. "We wish to be taken peacefully." she continued. All 11 soldiers left stood out front, each one with their hands up.