by Max Barry

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Region: Geopolity

Western afrika

Furstia wrote:A voice loudly said to the West African soldiers:

"Alto! Tírense al piso, al piso!"
(Stop! Get on the ground, on the ground!)

The soldiers complied, with their hands behind their heads. One Furstian soldier searched through their uniforms to find any identifications.

"Quién es la que habla castellano?"
(Who's the one that speaks spanish?) asked a sargeant.

"Yo lo hablo, señor" replied Nubia Ojukwu.
(I speak it, sir)

"Ffumbe Ngige todavía está vivo ahí adentro?" he inquired.
(Is Ffumbe Ngige still alive in there?)

Nubia hesitated for a second, then shook her head.

"Está en la sala principal al final del pasillo principal." she said.
(He's in the main room at the end of the main hallway.)