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Region: Geopolity

Western afrika wrote:"Los civiles fueron asesinados o enviados a campos de trabajo en los alrededores de Abidjan. La ex reina Nkruma está recostada en su habitación, en este momento. Está muy enferma. El resto de la familia, sin embargo, está dispersa por toda la ciudad." she answered.

(The civilians were either killed or sent to labor camps around Abidjan. The former Queen Nkruma is laying in her room, at the moment. She's very sick. The rest of the family, however, is scattered around the city.)

After hearing the soldier and informing command, new orders were transmitted to the troops. The helicopter squadron would patrol the skies and the rest of the 10th Mount Brigade would go door to door, trying to find any vehicle convoys or groups of people that might seek to escape the city. MQ-1 UAVs would help in that task too. With that many eyes everywhere, any attempts would be thwarted.

Furstian commandos soon secured the building. Inside, Ffumbe Ngige's corpse lay on the floor, with a deep wound in the chest. Former Queen Nkurma was hiding in a sickly condition. Not only was she scared due to the situation she just had found herself in, attacked by Furstian troops. She also grieved losing another relative in such a tragic way.

After they found her, a soldier spoke to her in the Yoruba language.

"You are under the custody of the Furstian People's Army. West Africa is now a Republic. You will be taken to a safe place where you will receive proper care and medical attention."