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Region: the South Pacific

The united chinese republic wrote:This election sure is close. How about we just have a term-sharing agreement in which Roavin and Aumeltopia each get 3 months?

LOL! well that would be one way to go.

Music to enjoy a close election by...

Madonna - Batuka

Lord have Mercy (Lord have Mercy)
Things have got to change (things have got to change)
There's a storm ahead (there's a storm ahead)
I hear the wind blowing (I hear the wind blowing)

Let me catch my breath (let me catch my breath)
Will we win this race? (Will we win this race?)
Swear the road is long (swear the road is long)
And the highway listens (and the highway listens)

'Cause it's a long way ('cause it's a long way)
It's a long way (it's a long way)
'Cause it's a long day ('cause it's a long day)
It's a long day (it's a long day)

The united chinese republic