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Napoleonic-Russia wrote:The Masquarade Ball

The night of the gala had finally arrived, and Tatiana was was still pacing the floors, trying to make sure everything was perfect. Guests would be arriving soon, and though Charles and her ladies kept reassuring her that the manor was perfect, she couldn't help but keep straightening bows and flowers for what seemed like an eternity. All the gardens were decked with beautiful crystal oil lamps, shimmering with a thousand rainbows all around. The columns of the main building were wrapped with pink, blue, and green silk ribbons . . . the chandeliers had just been polished. Though small compared to the royal palaces of The Greater Nordics, the Tsarevna had single handedly turned her home into Versailles in miniature, with gold and satin adorning each room, and all the lamps and candelabras lighted. "Your Highness?" A maid said quietly, inturupting the Tsarevna's anxieties, "The guests are beginning to arrive." Nodding, Tatiana sent the woman away, before rushing to her bedchambers to finish her makeup - painting her lips the colour of blood, and her cheeks a bright rosey blush. She was quiet pale already, but with some powdering, her skin was near the complexion of snow. Her pouf towered almost a meter high, and was filled with strands of pearls, chains of gold, and many ribbons . . . she was the spitting image of Marie Antoinette. "Alright. It's time."

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(Here's what she looks like:

And here's her mask:

Members of the von Joestar family has arrived.