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Hondura wrote:Mathews kind of a mess now that his government fell apart. He’s a depressed and mostly lonely sociopath.
Joseph Goeth is working the Workers party to make a socialist Hondura.
Pol Sar is the leader of the workers party, he wants to kill half the Honduran population to make the country easier to run.
Wilhelm Kahrer, leader of the Goethist SE wants to initiate a global nuclear apocalypse to “cleanse the impure”. His allies in this are Josias Abel and Ernst Koch.
Kim Sul Moon is scarred badly but still leader of the committee.
Louise Kielholz is preparing to increase the terror ten fold to get her “Republic Of virtue”.
Victor Razevsky is mostly depressed at what he’s seeing his country becoming.
Vladimir Markovic is planning on freeing Hondura along with Amon Radec and his son, joseph.
The rest of the Goeth kids are doing stuff somewhere, Beth in prison, Elise in Joshuastania and Amön...somewhere.

And there, I just summarized all the Honduran characters that actually matter, until I add more...

Russia hopes that Hondura will become a peaceful and humane place soon, and will do all she can to ensure this