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Region: The North Pacific

Deerfenland wrote:

Odelin went to the front desk of the hotel. "Yo pale Angle, kidonk ou vle sèvi ak mwen kòm yon tradiktè, oswa ou bon?" he asked to the desk. The stared at him. "Wi tanpri, mwen zanmi. Mèsi, mwen zanmi!" they all said in unison. Odelin came outside to Mzeki. "Di fanmi an Siprèm yo pran bagay yo nan chanm yo," he said to him. Mzeki nodded lightly and nudged the supreme couple. He urged them to take their stuff inside of the Regent's Hotel. They both nodded and were escorted to their suite. Both the supreme couple and the young tour guides alike were impressed with the elevator. There were fifteen elevators in a circular row. When they got onto the one marked "N", they were astonished by the view of the elevator of the skyline of the city of Lungi. Sophia whispered to her husband, "So, that is what they meant by Freetown and Lungi were twin cities," causing him to laugh.

When the elevator stopped on the 45th floor, everyone was astonished by how high up it was, and the view of everything. Their suite was marked as Room 4503. They walked into the room and immediately were shocked. The bathroom was the size of a bedroom, the bedroom had a view of the skyline of the city, the living room area had two couches in a bluescape lighting, and the television had Alerian Channels and African Channels. Sophia was shocked. "This is breathtaking," she said to no one in particular. Mzeki looked at the itinerary. "You guys are off to the reception with our new, fresh government. Odelin, ou se jiska disèt è," Mzeki said. Odelin nodded and shook the hands of both. Immediately, he headed home which was only a four-minute walk from the hotel.

Bayside Lungi Apartment Complex; 15:00

Odelin walked through the door and was immediately tackled by his little sister. The ten-year-old held onto him when he was on the ground. "Carson, I missed you!" she exclaimed. Her blonde hair and blue eyes glistened in the wind. She was from Aleria, but she escaped an abusive family (OOC: She is based on my real step-sister. My sister didn't escape an abusive family, however). She came to the African Strand Haitian Island and immediately met Odelin. The hurricane hit and she and her brother scammed for books that they could trade for sugar cane, rum, and all the things they couldn't afford. When they would sell those, they would get money. That money was used for them to get a flight to Freetown and to get a place to live.

Katelyn, drew her brother to the couch and immediately made him sit down. "You have a baseball game tomorrow, dear brother. They are giving you the day off today. You play the Angle of Chairty tomorrow. Just be ready," she said. Her Alerian accent was able to be identified immediately. Odelin just nodded and thanked her. The awkward part for him having a little sister was that he had to share a bed with her at night, and when she got scared, she would cuddle with him during the night. She lie her head on him lightly. Odelin just hugged her as they both drifted off to sleep.

Regent's Hotel; 15:25

Mzeki led the couple downstairs to the banquet and reception. "So, you will meet some of the congress, a few senators, and even the Minister of Foreign Affairs if I recall correctly," he said in a strong Haitian accent. The couple both nodded. The elevator landed on floor 1 and they all headed off to the conference room. At the Regent's Hotel, the congress room looked like a United Nations hall. Just smaller. Mzeki opened the door for the Alerian couple. "Here we are," he said. "Your seats are closer to the door, so will be the first ones out," he smiled. Mzeki had to ask one question. "Wait, before you leave. What is Aleria and Tiristan like?"

Alexander was somewhat happy that Mzeki had asked what the homeland was like. Alex and Sophia, since assuming office were never allowed to leave government palace without protection, so they never really did leave the palace. Aleria and Tiristan had changed drastically since Alexander became president.
As Alex and Sophia were presented to their seats, they both were prepared to discuss the homeland.

"Well it really depends on the region of A&T you see. The coastal peninsula regions of Aleria are great beach destinations and very wealthy mind you. Down on the coast you will find the major cities such as Lexington filled our nation's social life"
Alexander enjoyed discussing the nation. It gave him a sense of patriotism and he always did enjoy talking about his nation to other people.
As Alexander was about to continue, Sophia instead began talking to the intrigued boy.
"Up north is the Riverlands, where I am from. We have the thicker accent of the entire nation. The Riverlands in my opinion is the greatest region in the country. We have peace and serenity from the hustle and bustle of the city. Our lands are very fertile, so making a living on the family farm was surprisingly very easy. However, when I married Alex I had to leave the farm and Riverlands in exchange for the city"
"You should really come and visit with your family, I bet you will love it" Alex concluded the dialogue. The boy had the biggest smile on his face as he imagined what Aleria and Tiristan was like.

As Mzeki left the room, the chatter of the congressmen and women became a lot clearer to the first couple. The congress room was filled with senators, congressmen and women as well as high ranking cabinet ministers. These people were to be their guests so it was their duty to address them.
As Sophia got up out of her seat, the rows of congresspeople and cabinet ministers were seated, prepared to hear out the first lady. The first lady reached the podium in the centre of the stage and poked at the microphone, pulling out her prepared statement.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the president of Aleria and Tiristan, my loving husband, Alexander Gryaznov!"
The hall erupted into prolonged applause as Alex rose from his seat and walked over to the podium, kissing Sophia on his way.
"Thank you Freetown!"
"Thank you Lungi!"

To be continued...