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Region: The North Pacific

German holy roman empire

Pandoska wrote:

Yuri saw her smile and the nervousness he once felt seems to have left him.

"I think we should return to our families and rest we have a big day tomorrow after all."

He took her hand and gave her a smile then the two proceeded to make their way to their families to end the night.

"It's alright honestly it's the type of respect most Pandoskans are fearful to show." said the Tsarina

"Little George has grown onto a fine gentleman Nikolai" said the Tsarina said smirking towards Nikolai

"Yes he has Irena" said Nikolai putting his hand George's shoulder calming George "It's been a while since we last met and your still energetic in your affection."

Yuri and Lucrezia enters the room astonishing both the former rulers.

"He's finally done it" both thought to themselves

"Yuri I'm sure you remember this young Lord" said Nikolai hand on the shoulder of the still frightened and nervous George.

Yuri stood perplexed not knowing his mother was at the palace. He quickly refocused and picked up were his father left off with george.

"How can I not remember my good friend George?"

Irena and Nikolai looked in the direction of Elizabeth but the Irena spoke for both "Irena you have also grown into a young woman who's manners are on the level of a benevolent royalty."

She then returned here attention to Lucrezia and smiled "Lucrezia the magic princess my son pledged his heart too now a beautiful princess who may become the future Tsarina of Pandoska" she said in her mind.

Lucrezia nodded and continued smiling without any sense of anxiety as he took her hand. Though she did have a small blush on her face as she approached them, it didn’t bother her.

Meanwhile as Josephine looked angrily at George she barely even heard Irena’s comments on the man though Paul simply nodded.

“Their father raised him well.” George simply nodded and smirked as Nikolai commented and placed his hand on George’s shoulder.

“Thank you sir, it truly has been a bit since we have seen you all though. I see things have gone well?” He asked them curiously, more excited that they were there than anything else.

Meanwhile Elizabeth stayed silent the entire time though as Nikolai and Irena commented on her she simply smiled. Josephine looked over and nodded to her with a smile. Elizabeth was rather nervous to speak, in fact she was rather nervous to do anything. Some rather horrific experiences caused her mental trauma, even so she gathered what courage she could and spoke.

“Thank you Tsarina Irena. Your words mean everything to me.” She gave a solemn smile before deciding to stand and watch.

As Lucrezia and Yuri made it back to the group. The first thing Lucrezia‘ mind went to doing was scanning people’s thoughts to see if they were thinking about her, she knew that everyone had seen her. Her own sister gave her a smirk and nodded to her causing Lucrezia to gain a heavy blush on her cheeks.

Lucrezia couldn’t help but laugh as Yuri went straight over to George and tried to stop any awkwardness among the members of the group. George meanwhile didn’t really care as he gave a rather mocking smirk to Yuri, knowing what he was doing.

“Hey Yuri, I see you’ve been busy.” he said before laughing it off and patting the taller Tzar on the shoulder.

“It has been years since I’ve seen you! How’ve you been?”

Lucrezia’s mind shifted over to Irena only to catch her words about Lucrezia causing Lucrezia to once more blush but this time she stood high, it seemed Yuri’s Family already approved of the situation. Though she would say nothing on the matter, she’d rather have their relationship come together naturally than anything.

“Tniis is a rūatniccrū ihtcrūcstihł situatioh..” she said to herself in the native tongue of the Empire. She sighed before walking over to Yuri and George and smiling.

“George stop mocking the man! You know better.” Lucrezia was always more threatening to George than Josephine was and thus he finally stopped his rather cynical but joking smile.

“Hm.. indeed all jokes aside then.” She looked at him with her eyes glowing slightly red to show her anger. George couldn’t help but laugh though as he walked by, he knew this only meant that the two were madly in love, yet for some reason we’re not openly showing it. Nerves maybe? That would change very soon and he knew it knowing how Lucrezia was, she wasn’t one to wait very long.

Lucrezia then walked over to Nikolai and Irena and smiled to them, bowing accordingly.

“Tzarina Irena, welcome to the Empire. We were not expecting your arrival.” She kept a much happier tone in her voice than before with her brother. Josephine watched in seeming awe as Lucrezia began to carry out a conversation with the royals of Pandoska calmly. Though this only caused Josephine to give off a small smirk before looking up at Paul.

“She’s learning dear..”

“Indeed.” Paul said as he kissed her on the lips, causing her to blush somewhat but she loved it whenever Paul got this way. To think Paul was just a normal teenager in the Empire and now he was married to the love of his life, who just happened to be the heir to the throne of the GHRE, only an added bonus to his love for her though.


A figure stood in the distance with only red eyes showing, staring at the royals from a distance, standing in the shadows where they couldn’t see. The figure smiled as he spoke to himself.

“Got you...” He said before leaving the scene and preparing his rather evilish plan. The only thing he left by mistake was his military cap, to which Elizabeth saw and went to go pick up.

“What the...” She said to herself as she brought it forwards. Josephine took a quick look at it but passed it off as Üfelzer leaving something behind on accident. Even so where Elizabeth found it was a weird spot, What General would be near the servants quarters?

Lucrezia got tense for a moment, something was wrong... however it wasn’t then. It would be later.

“What’s happening..” she said to herself as she felt her body seize up. Her eyes went wide as George looked over to her and saw what was happening.

“Lucrezia? You alright?” She looked at him with heavy breaths and simply nodded. Josephine and Elizabeth were busy taking in private about the hat to notice while Paul was busy with Yuri’s parents.

“So tell me?” He asked

“Where the heck do yo guys get your clothes made? You both look quite exquisite!” He said with a smile as he adjusted his many military badges. The Kaiserin and Kaiser usually wore military uniforms or dresses and tux’s so having some comfortable fitting clothing would work quite well for them. It could make a good gift for Josephine’s birthday.

Back with Lucrezia she could feel her heart pounding.

“Something is seriously wrong...” she thought to herself as her eyes stayed wide. She felt weak as she moved her hand to her now queasy stomach. Her mind was racing with thoughts of the future, a story was playing out in front of her eyes and it all started because of that hat. Either way though by that point she felt too weak to say much, George could tell something was wrong and walked over to make sure she was ok.

“Lucrezia... seriously you’re scaring me. Are you alright?”