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Aleria and tiristan wrote:

Alexander was somewhat happy that Mzeki had asked what the homeland was like. Alex and Sophia, since assuming office were never allowed to leave government palace without protection, so they never really did leave the palace. Aleria and Tiristan had changed drastically since Alexander became president.
As Alex and Sophia were presented to their seats, they both were prepared to discuss the homeland.

"Well it really depends on the region of A&T you see. The coastal peninsula regions of Aleria are great beach destinations and very wealthy mind you. Down on the coast you will find the major cities such as Lexington filled our nation's social life"
Alexander enjoyed discussing the nation. It gave him a sense of patriotism and he always did enjoy talking about his nation to other people.
As Alexander was about to continue, Sophia instead began talking to the intrigued boy.
"Up north is the Riverlands, where I am from. We have the thicker accent of the entire nation. The Riverlands in my opinion is the greatest region in the country. We have peace and serenity from the hustle and bustle of the city. Our lands are very fertile, so making a living on the family farm was surprisingly very easy. However, when I married Alex I had to leave the farm and Riverlands in exchange for the city"
"You should really come and visit with your family, I bet you will love it" Alex concluded the dialogue. The boy had the biggest smile on his face as he imagined what Aleria and Tiristan was like.

As Mzeki left the room, the chatter of the congressmen and women became a lot clearer to the first couple. The congress room was filled with senators, congressmen and women as well as high ranking cabinet ministers. These people were to be their guests so it was their duty to address them.
As Sophia got up out of her seat, the rows of congresspeople and cabinet ministers were seated, prepared to hear out the first lady. The first lady reached the podium in the centre of the stage and poked at the microphone, pulling out her prepared statement.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the president of Aleria and Tiristan, my loving husband, Alexander Gryaznov!"
The hall erupted into prolonged applause as Alex rose from his seat and walked over to the podium, kissing Sophia on his way.
"Thank you Freetown!"
"Thank you Lungi!"

To be continued...


The chatter in the room continued on. Delegates from Haiti, Vetvick, and the mainland provinces including the Special Regions of Zhumu and Daishi (under Chinese rule) were all gathered in one place to meet the supreme Alerian couple. All around the room in a circle of seats, the delegates, congressmen, and the senators all clapped for the supreme Alerian couple that stood before them. When the claps and chatter all died down together, the Minister of Foreign Affairs rose to spoke. He smiled to himself. "First off," he stated, "We would all like to thank you for coming to our nation. It really is a true honor that you would come to see our glorious nation. Now the second order of business, we would like to discuss you visit with President Lindela. He is a really young man who enjoys sport and activity and meeting new people. At seventeen, he is definitely the youngest leader our nation has had," he said.

The Supreme couple took in every word. "However, if you were to ask anyone in this room right now, not one of them would say that he abused his power, his people, or anything. Everyone loves him. He's extremely down to earth. If you were to see him on the street, you would never know he was the national leader," he said. They all nodded. "Now, that concludes this meeting somewhat. Your tour guide or tour guides will take you around the city now. However, we meet at sharply 22:00 for another meeting regarding our two states," the Minister added. As the couple left, they located Mzeki near the door. It was precisely 17:00, so Odelin was waiting for the couple and Mzeki at a nearby park with a statue of the leader.


"Riiiiiiiing!" Carson woke up in his sister's arms. He rose to get up. Katelyn woke up. "Where are you going?" she asked. Odelin looked back to her. "I have a meeting out of town," he said. She pulled him back onto the small bed. "Sleep. Please, brother. Just five minutes," she whispered. Odelin nodded. Her head on his neck. "I want you to succeed. I love you so much. Bunches and bunches," she whispered into his ear. Odelin took in every word. Then, the five minutes were up. He grabbed his backpack and headed out. Before he left, he said something to Katelyn. "Oh, I'm not going to Port-au-Prince until the 22nd at 14:00. I'll be back later," he said as he headed out. Katelyn just blew a kiss back to him. She smiled to herself lightly. "I love you, brother."


Odelin met up with Mzeki and the supreme couple. Mzeki took a quick and easy sniff of Odelin and paced back. "Dud, ou pran sant tankou odè ... (Dude, you smell like Perfume)," he said as he covered his nose with his two fingers. Sophia and her husband were already curious on what they were talking about. They looked at Mzeki. "What are you guys talking about?" Sophia asked trying not to offend the boys. Odelin smiled back. In his light accent, he answered the question. "He told me that I smelled like perfume, so I was about to mess him up," Odelin laughed. They both took a quick sniff. Alexander looked at Odelin. "You smell like a bottle of Parfum Colonial. How did you get your hands on some?" he asked. Odelin looked back to the couple and at Mzeki. "Di yo (tell them)," Mzeki said. Odelin looked back.

"My little sister is Alerian. She is from Lexington and she has a crap load of those... She sprays them on every day, and the apartment smells like perfume," he said in almost-perfect English. The couple laughed hard. "Anyway, on your itinerary, it says that you are scheduled to see the sights of Freetown that include the seeing of the old Cotton Tree, the Lumley Beach Road along the Ceres Ocean Coast, the Bunce Island, which was a historical landmark that reminds our people of the slave trade, and the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary," Odelin noted. Mzeki also added that the light show downtown is on as well right before the meeting.

Mzeki had to add something. "We're going to show you bits of uptown first before the Bunce Island tour. The place looked so much different than the part they just left minutes ago. The birds sang and the breeze was fresh. It was quiet and the homes were quite large compared to everything downtown. "This is where are the rich people in our nation live. They don't leave Uptown Freetown because of the quiet. The houses are like mansions here. However, there's nothing rich folks love more than going downtown and slumming it with everyone else," Mzeki said as he rolled his eyes at a couple of rich girls. "They pull up in their lambos and gawk at the students in the colleges just to watch them talk. Their flexing pisses us off to an extreme extent," Odelin added assertively. Mzeki turned back to the couple. "How do you guys like it uptown? It's quiet uptown."


The guides and the royal family looked and they saw a fort in the distance. The fort had a Krinslo flag on it. Odelin and Mzeki each got grim at the sight of the fort. "This is Bunce Island. This was a place of horror for many people living in our lands during the times from 1721 and 1821. There were one hundred years of pain to our people, and our government complied. Slaves would be traded from here to nations like Salfords, and Krinslo," Mzeki said. Odelin had to add on. "The Takota Tribe was never fond of us, so they would capture some of our people from towns and would take them here and trade them off for tobacco, money, and food. The Takota People's Abduction of Africans caused a war that lasted for twenty-five years. We ended up winning and taking their territory, but the damage was done," Odelin added, "Take a look around for around twenty minutes, and we will be off to the Lumley Beach Road, which we will walk down to the Cotton Tree and to the Chimpanzees."

On the floor of the fort were former clothes worn by people being traded. Odelin picked up a dress that belonged to a girl. "This belonged to a girl named Priscilla. She was an African from Lungi that was captured by the Takota Tribe and was used for foul things. She was then traded to another tribe up north and was forcefully married at age fifteen," Odelin said grimly while holding a dress. "This is the last remaining piece of her in all of Africa," he said.


The girl was scared. She had her teddy bear in hand and was holding it as tight as she could. She couldn't remember a time when she was happy. Then, she noticed a tree. She felt somewhat at peace. She remembered all those years ago when her beloved nation was given independence from Krinslo. She remembered the joy throughout the city. However, she remembered a moment with her mother. She remembered sitting under the tree with her mother reading a book. It was calm and tranquil. However, that happiness is gone and overwith. She was captured and now, she was trapped as a slave for Takotan Warriors and Tribesmen before her cage was opened with news.

The man who looked over twenty-five-years-old kissed her on the lips. She was a scared, fourteen-year-old. "Come, my wife," he said calmly. Priscilla was too scared and she sat where she was. "Did I stutter, you filthy wretch?" she snapped. The man came from the Sowi'Ngwa Tribe of North Osea. The girl got up and got on the ship and was immediately transported to a bedroom with the stranger. He threw her on the bed like she was trash. "I will tell you this once and only once. You. Are. My. Wife. You do what I tell you. Anytime you disobey me, your master, you will be beat. Got it?" Priscilla nodded as she started to shake. "Now, kiss me sweetie pie," he snapped.


Odelin looked at the dress. "She ended up having a kid at age sixteen with that man. He was pretty much his slave, but more," Odelin said as he emotionlessly looked at the dress. "She was brave, but it wasn't enough. In 1812, she tried to escape on a ship that was Freetown-bound. She was caught and abused more. And that was her life," he said. He started to head out for the Lumley Beach Road to go back downtown. Mzeki took the couple as well. "We will see the Cotton Tree tomorrow. The Chimpanzees will be seen tomorrow as well. We don't have time as it is 21:00 and it likely will take an hour to get downtown again on the road," he said. The couple smiled at Mzeki, but Sophia couldn't help but feel for Odelin. She went over to him. "What's wrong, bud?"

Odelin looked back up. He was emotionless. "My great great great great grandmother was very close to Priscilla. They were the best of friends, and when she went missing, my family's legend says that she went crazy as well. She had a son at twenty-four, but when she found out about Priscilla's death in 1812, she jumped off the highest cliff in Freetown so she could be with her best friend again. Priscilla's story gets to me because it makes me think of my great great great great grandmother and what she would do for her friend," he said. Sophia nodded and patted him on the back as they heard the waves crashing on the shore.

When they finally reached downtown once again, they rushed to the Regent's Hotel and immediately went to the conference room. It was 21:50, so they were back in time. The couple smiled, and Odelin clocked out. Mzeki waited outside for the couple to be finished with the meeting in several hours.

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