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Region: The North Pacific

Deerfenland wrote:Hey everyone, I have noticed that a lot of people involved in the World Baseball Classic haven't really been paying attention to the scores, so, here are the scores of the Day 1 Ballgames:

GROUP A - Port-au-Prince

      Host African Strand shuts out [] 3-0

      [ is just edged out by []

GROUP B - Freetown

      New Trisone is massacred by Asthea 8-0

      [] no-hits [[/i][/b]

GROUP C - Port Harmony

[] bested by [in high-scoring affair by a score of 8-5

[] walks off in the bottom of the ninth on a walk-off grand slam when down 7-6 to []; Captures win 10-7

GROUP D - Fort Hunter

      ] captures lead early to best [] 6-2

      [] beats [] with a frisbee; wins by a score of 10-7; Goes 1-0 in Classic

Yeah ha, our baseball training is like a commando training! Gg Trisone-kun