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Region: Official European Union


The Greater Nordics wrote:The Queen then walks up. I have been listening to the conversation that you are having. I will give any assistance that Marie and James need. We will send troops and ships to the Channel islands to make sure that they do not fall. I agree with Tatiana, I want Rosa dead. She may not be able to be killed but we still need to try. I would like Otto dead as well. If he dies then I think that Rosa will be angry but she will be sad and crushed. She will not be able to think about anything else. You are right Isabella, we need to win the other European countries to our side, or make them monarchies. The US is going to cone out of neutrality someday and they will be a strong opponent.

Nodding, Tatiana sipped her wine in silent thought for a moment, pausing to swallow, and then sipping again. "I truly despise those Americans . . . sitting in their ivory toward with a loaded tank - They just sit there in all their glory only to show up randomly as moralistic underdog supporters! It makes me sick! I agree, my Queen. We need almost all - if not all - of Europe to band together if we want to have a hope of fighting against Joshuastania and the US, should we not come to an agreement with that usurper in Scotland."

Joshuastania wrote:Isabella's eyes get big but she doesn't think too much else of this comment. "If we ever crossed paths in the future and you are ever in a room with Rosa... You know what to do, I won't object to it. Although I would much rather see Rosa's family killed in front of her. I would want her to suffer for the rest of her life. Slowly. Painfully. Since she is sooooo unkillable!" This is said in an extremely dark done with a grin. "I'm talking full on tower of London style." She motions a waiter over. "Vodka please!" Moments later she takes a drink. "To you all!"

Then, raising her glass, the Tsarevna echoed the cheer. "To you all!" In Russia, she had never been to a gala, and actually enjoyed speaking with her guests - though she never really got to have guests often. She tossed back her head and finished the rest of the glass in a single swallow, before continuing. "Oh, waiter? Please bring me some vodka . . . this wine is entirely too boring."