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Chricoma wrote:Chricomian Delegation will excitedly come to Russia to discuss an oil agreement, Chricoma will send a delegation to Russia.

So what would this agreement entail?

We have free trade between our nations' oil companies. We share technology to boost the petroleum markets, and sell each other piping equipment at low costs. We agree on a set price for oil for the rest of the world, and then enforce it - making it so that Russia doesn't offer lower prices than chricoma, or vise Versa. Also, we jointly put all other oil producers out of business (should it be by buying them, or by force). Lastly, we agree to do whatever need be to make our nations the only real sellers of oil. That way, with our set price and free trade, we can have a de facto monopoly on petroleum products. Also, if one of us wants to put sanctions on a nations, we both ,its agree to do it (a socialist long as they are not members of the Crown Coalition, as those members are safe from any trade embargos due to their close alliances with Russia). Deal?