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New Government in Western afrika

The civil conflict in the neighboring country is on its last stages of conclusion, as a new government has seized power, on behalf of the West African People.

Mrs. Aysi Amaechi, leader of the insurrection against the old order, has been appointed as the first provisional president of the Democratic Republic of West Africa.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, via its official social media profiles, has released a formal statement in which the Socialist Republic of Furstia acknowledges and recognizes the new government in West Africa. As well, the photo of a treaty signed by the Comrade Minister Dorrego and President Amaechi has been circulating among the front pages of the state newspaper, reiterating Furstia's position.

Comrade President Rafael Ilario has released a personal statement, in which he details that he is "eager to work side-by-side with [his] West African counterpart, for the continued betterment of Africa."

Comrade Minister Umbué has also congratulated the People of West Africa for their victory, while praising as well, the limited but crucial role of the Furstian People's Armed Forces in the outcome of the conflict.