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Napoleonic-russia wrote:(After a while. I say Tatiana is the last one left standing, as that kinda is ironic, considering she is a Tsarevna and owner of a fashion company. So the fact she can like, so hold her liquor is just so funny.)
Laughing, Tatiana agreed. "May God show her no mercy, except that of longevity - alone!" With that she finished her vodka and asked for two more, throwing them both back and swallowing. "As for Europe, your Majesty," Tatiana said after chugging her fourth vodka, "I'd say a combination of over flattery and threats work wonders. Especially if my brother can make an agreement with Chricoma and Dorianopolis to monopolize the petroleum industry."

Isabella keeps asking for more drinks too. After about drink 15 Isabella is starting to feel a little drunk. The Room is starting to spin and she is rubbing her head. "May my little sister always suffer!" She kind of heaves a little bit but she says that she is okay. She stumbles to a nearby couch and stretches out on it, her head pounding.

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