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Region: Novus Lucidum

Last chance to vote for the improved resource system:
Note that Science now give resources too. I must admit that I underutilized science a bit in the past and adding this to it will buff it up a well needed step.

I will start on a clearer resource requirement next, but not until I feel for it but I am rather happy how the resources have turned out. The first system were too complicated since you needed to constantly fiddle with it and decide what to pick.
The second (current) system will give you tons of resources when you hit certain points which is a bit silly. I also decided to use pictures instead of text to illustrate things better. Otherwise I just get a huge pile of text and with a picture you can zoom in better.

Edit: I have also added a few extra mining trade resources for people within the T5 mining since the T5 list were short and mining resources is so desperately needed. And while Cybran States petrucide isn't on the official Science list it requires 500 in science and a period to research it.

New Nationale Einheit, Cybran States, and Novus lucidum bank