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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Greater Cascadia

The Cascadian Government has made the decision to officially recognize the Democratic Republic of Western afrika as the sole legitimate government of the Western Afrikan nation and people. As such, we hope to formalize diplomatic ties between our nations in order to pursue a relationship of mutual cooperation and friendship. If such desires are reciprocated, we intend to appoint Mr. Asa Larson as the Cascadian Representative to the new Western Afrikan government.

We further urge Interim President Aysi Amaechi to move towards the enactment of a liberal democratic constitution and holding of free and fair elections as soon as possible and practical for Western Afrika. The Cascadian Government also hopes that President Amaechi and the new government of Western Afrika works to ensure the rights and safety of those who supported the monarchy in the civil war and those surviving members of the royal family such that they may successfully integrate as citizens in the new republic or otherwise safely leave to another nation.

We look forward to working with President Amaechi and the Western Afrikan government as you move forward on the path towards building a democratic society.

Rt. Hon. Lawrence Zhu MP
Deputy Prime Minister
Minister of Foreign Affairs

Upper Canadas and Western afrika