by Max Barry

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Region: Geopolity

Tuareg union

Attack on Tamanghassat!

4am armed men attack the town the Tamanghassat, attacking from the south in a pincer movement attacked the town at dawn. The attackers moving in white Toyota vans and armed with basic arms took the cities police by surprise and quickly took the outskirts. The defenders are trying to mobilise but many vehicles have been seen speeding north, itís suggested most defenders have fled.

5am: reports come in of huge columns of vans crossing the border at the RN1 and RN55A highway, armoured vehicles and T-54 tanks spotted

8am: The Tuareg Confederation announces a state of emergency, the presidents calls on the tribes to mobilise for war, an official request for help is sent to The Roman Republic for help.

10am: Tamanghassat is surrounded with troops already reaching the Governors Residence, where the defence is most strong.

2pm: The city falls after reinforcements from the south overwhelm the last defenders.

OOC: This is a puppet state created by Vicintia