by Max Barry

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Region: Geopolity

Tuareg union


After the garrison surrenders in the Mayors palace, the attackers cheer in the streets waving their guns and firing in the air. A man in a generals attire wearing sunglasses steps onto a balcony and looks down at his men, he takes in the view and then raises his hands, as he does so various officers scream at their men for silence and eventually the celebration ends. He takes off his glasses and looks at a camera broadcasting the moment.

General: My name is General Akanni Adeyemi. I used to serve the crown in Western Afrika before they were murdered by liars and traitors. I sought refugee status for me and my men but were denied by the corrupt government of the Tuareg Confederation. So we hade to take our survival into our own hands.

He looks to his men

We cannot go back for we will be killed for our loyalty, we cannot stay where we are now or we will face attack, the only way to survival is forward! We will take Ouargla the capital of this ‘nation’, topple the government and found our own that is not held up by oil barons holding all the power.

He looks to the camera

Tribes of the Tuareg I know your history, this nation was founded on the basis of the tribes ruling together for each other’s, however in our era it is the tribes serving the oil barons, stripping your power and respect. It’s time to change that and wether you join me or not it will change.

The Messaoudi tribe has already joined me, they are the ones who started the attack at dawn. They are surely the tribe with the most respect as they are so far the only ones who have broken the chains of their oppression.

This is not an invasion, this is a liberation join me or not but do not get in our way.


As he walks off the balcony his men cheer and chant “break the chains”

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