by Max Barry

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Region: Geopolity

The Imperial Ball, Mogadishu

One of the last guests to arrive, King Francis and Princess Sophia make their entrance. Observing the grand spectacle that is the ball room and the crowd, they would exchange chatter about the area.

"Francis, please do not go crazy. This is not Thunderdome anymore." Sophia would add, reminding Francis of his old days as a 90's raver.

Francis, with a grin, would embrace Sophia and nod at her. "And this is not Kandyland. This is indeed, a civilized venture."

Both of them would approach Empress Valeria of Infiny, with Francis holding a tall present.

"Your highness, it is a pleasure to meet you!" Francis gestures kindly towards Valeria, in a civilized matter, kind to the feelings of Sophia.