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Western afrika

West African Updates - 001

- A new tax has been introduced on the citizens of West Africa. For each citizen with an stable income, the federal government will take three to five percent of the total check. This tax will go recouping the money lost from the West African Civil War. A motion to print more money was put forth but quickly shot down due to the fact that the West African Zull would rapidly decrease in value.

- After an extensive search and review of the documentation against Furstia, provided by -greater australia-, Congress has decided to condemn the nation of Furstia. Despite the recent help due to the Furstian intervention, which West Africa is very thankful for, the government of West Africa cannot support a government that supports radical terrorism. A talk with President Madaki and the leader of Furstia, a talk that was about to be offered, has now been cancelled entirely.

- Baako Achebe has been appointed director for the newly formed Department of Justice. The DOJ has now replaced the Ministry of Domestic Affairs, which had the same job.

Imperial Eagle, Greatercascadia, and -greater australia-