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-greater australia- wrote:Department of Foreign Affairs

We acknowledge the mistake of misspelling/mistranslating the wording on the lead casing. The lead casing said RBMK-1500. Furstia will not get a apology for supplying the dirty bomb to Al-Kaeda that killed Australian Citizens. Furstia killed Australian Citizens by supplying the dirty bomb to Al-Kaeda. All Australian Citizens in Furstia are advised to leave Furstia. If Australian Citizens can't leave Furstia through air go to the Australian Military Base in West Africa or the Australian Embassy in West Africa. Australia will be withdrawing all diplomatic personal in Furstia.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Socialist Republic of Furstia does not cooperate with groups of religious extremists.

Additionally, this country is not responsible of the loss of lives caused by the existing shortcomings of the Australian Government in their matters of internal security.

We reiterate our condolences to the families of the victims.

Finally, any underlying issues between Furstia and Australia - even those that are based on questionable evidence - should be resolved diplomatically.

Andrés Dorrego, Minister of Foreign Affairs