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Region: The Coalition of Democratic Nations

1952 - NOVEMBER - 17


    Archon Taenitheos received and awarded a woman who during the second to last year of the Great War, single-handedly defended herself, her daughters, and her home from an enemy attack, driving the enemy away and surviving unharmed.

    Daenelassa Kaedinia Nohaneos - now aged 32 - was just 25 when her home in the province of Dacia came under assault by a small force of Karthspiri and Russian soldiers during the enemy's retreat from Ephyral land. The Nohaneos farm-home had escaped any devastation of the initial invasion but was targeted by enemy forces likely for supplies and food during the retreat. Daenelassa's husband, serving as a soldier in the war, had been cut off from his home and family following the Russo-Karthspiri occupation of parts of Dacia and other northern provinces from 1941 to 1945, leaving the home in the care of his young wife and two daughters.

    The event for which Kaedinia Nohaneos has been celebrated for took place on August 14th, 1945, shortly before the total expulsion of enemy forces from western Ephyra. As it is understood, some fourteen soldiers of mixed Karthspiri and Russian background came upon the farm seeking supplies. With typical enemy treatment of Ephyral women broadly known by this stage in the war, Kaedinia Nohaneos made no attempt at placation or negotiation with the enemy, and armed with a hunting rifle left to her by her husband, opened fire upon and killed the lead enemy soldier, after having first barricaded her two daughters in an underground room.

    The enemy then returned fire as they advanced, damaging parts of the house in the area Kaedinia Nohaneos had fired from. Kaedinia Nohaneos described how she then changed room and fired again from a different angle, again hitting her target and badly wounding a soldier. For some four hours the small battle continued as Russo-Karthspiri soldiers failed to injure Kaedinia Nohaneos. She further described how in the last moments of the fighting, two soldiers enter the house through the back, one of whom was immediately shot and killed by her, before hiding and finally killing the second with a butcher's knife. Upon not seeing their comrades return, the remaining seven soldiers fled from the farm as Ephyral forces continued their pursuit, overtaking the farm's position just thirteen hours later.

    Kaedinia Nohaneos described to the Archon how the defence of her daughters had become her focus on that day, and that she showed them the bodies of their enemies to help harden them against the violence they would have brought had they been successful. Archon Taenitheos embraced and applauded her for her devotion and bravery, addressing her as the ideal mother of all our children. He then placed upon her head a golden laurel, the first of a new decoration known as the Laurel of Devoted Motherhood, awarded to women whose actions save the lives of their children at risk to their own.

    At the war's conclusion, Kaedinia Nohaneos was reunited with her husband Artagos Jesorios Arantis, and has since birthed a son.