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Region: Geopolity

Central mursia

Government invites new party into the coalition, and begins work on the second phase of reforms
After the collapse of the Student Coalition, the Liberal coalition has secured their stability with the Socialist Workers Party joining the coalition and cooperating with the creation of a welfare state. Although the plans were originally meant to create a universal unemployed benefit and a couple of other welfare policies and healthcare credit vouchers, radical elements of all the parties have hijacked this particular policy creation to instead direct the "National Welfare Bill" which has been dumped and replaced by the new bill brought up by Senator Sarah Niadora of the Socialist Workers Party. The bill, named after William Beveridge and his report in 1942, focuses on an extensive Welfare policy based on (OOC Meant to be based on Britain post WW2, but does that happen in Orange-Bourgogne's history?) with a National Healthcare Assistance that provides universal healthcare to the whole country. Along with this, other welfare based policies such as greater disability support and a state pension. Although some of these aspects have existed in a lot of the country, this standardised system will be introduced nationwide. This has caused fierce opposition from other parties in opposition, with questions even coming from the SDP and NLC with some Senators concerned about the extent in which the state is going to oppose the old decentralised policies. Although, members of the government have brought ways in which to fund these policies, such as the use of the oil that is nominally controlled by the cities, but show's ownership is now under the government. More information to come

OOC: This is the exciting RP you guys can look forward to, if you join the region.