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This morning, the Field Artillery of the Army unveiled the MIM-3 Nike Ajax Surface-to-Air missile, the first of it's kind in Washingtonian service. The missile, a homegrown design, was designed to safeguard Washingtonian and North American skies from the threat of nuclear armed bomber aircraft. This new missile system, now being deployed to strategic spots around the country, has been described by the Army Chief of Staff as :"The natural evolution of Air Defense Artillery systems. From our experience in the last war, we have determined this to be the most effective way to engage hostile aircraft that try to reach our shores. This is just the beginning of a new line of defensive missiles that will safeguard our skies." This came directly after a live fire demonstration where one of the new missiles successfully shot down a remote controlled bomber aircraft at 50,000 ft.

There has been no comment on whether or not the system will be allowed to be exported to other friendly nations. So far, no hints of it have been made but no doubt some allied nations may take a close look at the system. There is however no doubt that, in the eyes of the military, that our potential enemies are looking at similar systems as well.