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June 6, 1953

Market Reforms
The Central Administration voted on various bills that would phase out the mercantilist feudal system in place of a Free Market System. The representatives stated their influences came from various philosophers and economists namely: Pierre Proudhoun(Mutualism), Dr. Murray Rothbard(Austrian Laissez-faire), Henry George(Geoism) and Frederic Bastiat(French Liberalism). The bill will use a land tax rather than the proposed income tax idea. The land tax will be based on the amount of land and will be set by the local states. The economy will be decentralized and left to both private businesses and local cooperatives to freely compete. However, the central government will maintain safety regulations and workers rights. Controversially, Worker Unions will not be federally funded but, will be treated as charity organizations. The largest union in Tibet, the International Workers of the World(IWW or Wobblies) have threatened walk outs. Local businesses have stated they will allow the unions to picket but police will be called to enforce order, leading many Wobblies to reconsider. Many peasants and businesses have applauded this move as it seeks to bridge various perspectives and giving power to the people.

Tibetan Airlines Begins Limited Service
Tibetan Airlines has started doing limited flight services to the countries of Russia and Namjyut. Seasonal flights to Ephyral are in the making with the end goal of international service. Flights are done out of Lhasa Airport and XigazÍ Airport for now. Flights to Russia will be conducted out of Moscow. Flights to Namjyut are still in the planning stage.

New Weapons
The Army of Washington unveiled a new weapon, the MIM-3 Nike Ajax Surface-to-Air missile. This unveiling in the words of His Holiness "Both amazing yet horrifying as it can be used for horrible destruction. We understand that this can be used for defensive purposes but, we fear one can use these weapons for nefarious means especially in this nuclear age. We pray that this never happens and will be the first to sanction any nation who violates the peace of the human family."