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Region: The Western Isles

Austrovik-Germania wrote:Out here in Gran Canaria. Wildfires are occuring on the other side of the island so I guess I'll just ignore those for the time being!

Most of the restaurants are concentrated in a single area around a man-made beach and due to the fierce competition the marketing of these places to eat is incredibly aggressive.

Anyway, I was curious. I thought maybe considering I had my own form a Papal States and H.R.E. type thing going on following (mainly) the Catholic Christian faith until the 1600s and there are many eastern nationa in Argus (not naming any names, Athara Magarat, following different religions maybe a Crusade would be cool? I know Miklania is very religious and I felt like crusades called by the Papacy in Austren Isles would be kinda neat? Just a thought to munch on.

A Crusade against me would be cool. I need these religious wars against me as a factor in our mish-mash religions being united in 1575 (sort of officially).

Technically, we already have a Papal State like guy - San Jimenez. The funny thing is, he and I kind of got along (I did have a sizable number of Jimenean Catholics; one of the Jimenean Catholic Saints was even a Magarati). It was only after waves of missionaries arriving and creating incidents that Catholicism became suspicious (if we want to help in our rage-boner against monotheists much earlier; let's do it) but for some reason, the Nyssic Church (could not do anything about the powerful Nyssic minority) and new Whindism (most Catholic hangs switched to Whindism) grew even more. It was around the 1600s and 1700s that we start becoming strictly Anti-Proselytism (if you have seen news, we still are so).

Well, Christian hangates like Liba Hangate were subject to massive religious taxes (mostly because they were monotheists...still got treated better than Muslim Magaratis who were all shipped to what is now Kachee). They were viewed suspiciously. You could do some wars in the name of liberating the persecuted Christians in the Khas-Kirat Empire. Every time some other hangate tried to invade Liba Hangate (and this happened a lot...going to war is like Magarati national past-time), they most likely could have sought help of Crusaders. Colonial-era Chatha is another hangate that is to be ruled by Christian hangs (their next door neighbor/rival/trade partner/sometimes ally/frenemy San Montagna and Chathaese colonies in Belle Ilse en Terre were Catholic-majority and most Magarati Christians migrated south to Chatha when they faced persecution in northern and central hangates).

Edit: I said monotheist issue but it's more like Rome situation. The Mahangs didn't actually care whatever religion you followed as long as the Mahang was recognized a ruler with divine authority over all and the High Kumari (some random teenage girl) as the living embodiment of God (cough, cough). It was more like other hangates (as I mentioned, war-hungry Magaratis always sought the lamest of excuses to go to war) who used Liba Hangate and after 1500s-1600s, Chatha's status as Christian hangates to declare war.

Ummn, I don't think Miklania would be able to help you at all in the 1600s. From what I know, Nyssic colonists had not set up colonies down there yet.