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Imperial Eagle wrote:Congress approves limited sanctions on Furstia

In light of recent accusations and evidence against the Government of Furstia, Congress has approved the passing of limited economic sanctions until further notice. Once more information comes to light, either more sanctions will be passed or they will be lifted in their entirety pending ongoing investigations by both the Australian and Furstian Governments regarding the terror attack in the former.

Department of Foreign Affairs

Greater Australia thanks Imperial Eagle for standing by Australia. Greater Australia condemns Orange-Bourgogne for condemning the economic sanctions against Furstia. Greater Australia has reasonable and substantial evidence that Furstia supplied the dirty bomb. The evidence is the lead casing we found that said RBMK-1500 buried in a cave entrance in Afghanistan. Only two reactors of that type exist and they are called Zangana 1 and Zangana 2 and are located in the Zangana Power Plant in Australia.