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Region: Geopolity


Uncertainty for Furstia-US diplomatic relations

The Comrade Minister of Foreign Affairs, Andrés Dorrego, has stated that "Furstia very much regrets that the esteemed members of the American Congress, a nation with which our country has always cooperated closely, have recently chosen to believe in the Australian campaign of misinformation against our country."

He also expressed his gratitude on the behalf of our nation "to the Governments of Orange-Bourgogne and Eraus."

Trustworthy sources from the Government have told TVEF that the Ministry of Economy will seek to alleviate any potential setbacks originating from the American sanctions with Orange-Bourgognian and/or Erayii goods via the arrangement of future trade agreements.

Sports - Incidents in the IIHF World Cup

After a fight broke out in the match between the national team and the Russoslavan team, the Chairman of the National League of Ice Hockey, Ricardo Montero, has stated that the behavior of the Furstian players would not be tolerated.

"I have spoken via telephone with the players of our national team and made it very clear that any continuation of that unacceptable behavior will result in the removal of any involved players from the national team and an economic penalization of L$40,000.

Furstia has always taken pride in being a fair competitor in all sportive disciplines and our representatives know that the preservation of that spirit is a paramount aspect for any Furstian sportsperson.

Finally, I believe that the IIHF Safety Board has made the right decision in suspending both David Krakov and our Captain."

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