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Western afrika wrote:RTEN News: Concerns About Republic City Come to Light

With the recent announcements of Republic City, seemingly proposed my President Madaki, some individuals fear the building of the city would do more harm than good. The main problem would be the inequality of the localized wealth. It is believed that a majority of the housing in Republic City will be on the higher end of prices. Experts have said that the prices should lower over time, however.

Another concern is that a large portion of funding for certain programs or departments will be cut to pay for the new city. Madaki stated that the cuts will occur in unneccessary programs and lower, unnecessary departments. Larger programs or departments are a last resort.

To: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, West Afrika
From: The Infinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Subject: The Near Future and Closer Cooperation

Respected Minister,

I wish to congratulate you and the republic on the great and ambitious projects that your nation has started. With all our heart, the Imperial Federation wishes that these projects bring an unprecedented level of prosperity to your nation. Since these projects indicate that your nation is swiftly moving on from its past tribulations, we believe that it is time to reevaluate the relationship between our two nations, and I would be happy to take the initiative in that process. A partnership to keep both our realms, and the continent that we share, stable, free, and prosperous, should be our first priority. I believe the first steps have been taken already by the former Queen. The process of creating a series of initiatives for the shared ends named above would be much more meaningful as the meaning of our nations have changed quite recently. I am looking forward to hearing from you, and I would invite you to please share your thoughts with me.


Xitan Minenko
Infinian Minister of Foreign Affairs

Western afrika