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Russoslava wrote:TO: Leaders and/or Royalty of (...) Orange-Bourgogne
From:Office of The Royal Family

You've all have been invited to attend Barron Sergei Vladovich Medvedev's coronation ceremony and his wedding to Furute Queen, Princess Anastasia Mikhailovena Sokolova. Please reply at your earliest convenience if you wish to attend, attending is not mandatory but the Barron wish to meet with fellow world leaders and royalty to open new relations as Russoslava enters into a New Era.

Signed, Ms Sasha Televracenko
Secerarty to Barron Medvedev

Official correspondence
To: Miss Sasha Televracenko, Russoslava
From: The Royal Household | Department of State for External Affairs, Orange-Bourgogne
Subject: Attendance at coronation
Encryption: PRIVATE

Dear miss Televracenko,

We are very honoured to have received your invitation to attend both the coronation ceremony of Barron Medvedev and his wedding to Princess Anastasia Sokolova. Of course, we would like to accept this most gracious invitation to attend the said joyful moments.

His Majesty King Henry asked us to request that the following people be allowed to attend the ceremonies: 1) Her Serene Highness Claudia Grimaldi, The Princess of Monaco-monte carlo (as Queen-Consort of Orange-Bourgogne); 2) Her Royal Highness Princess Eleanor; 3) His Majesty The King. Unfortunately, due to a training tour with the Grenadier Guards, His Royal Highness Prince Edmund cannot attend.

Due to the familial and private nature of these ceremonies, we ask you to keep the attendance of the Royal Family confidential for now. In due time, the Royal Household will make an announcement on the subject.

From the side of the Government, Prime Minister Nichola Pankhurst MP has asked Mr Nick Winterfell MP (Secretary of State for Justice) to attend, that is, if you will allow him as guest.


For His Majesty The King:
The Rt. Hon. The Baron of Hastings
Private Secretary to the Sovereign

For the Cabinet:
Her Excellency Kaitlyn Maguire PC MP
Secretary of State for External Affairs

Taiwanese state