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Region: Geopolity

Russoslava wrote:TO: Leaders and/or Royalty of [snip], Infiny, [snip]
From:Office of The Royal Family

You've all have been invited to attend Barron Sergei Vladovich Medvedev's coronation ceremony and his wedding to Furute Queen, Princess Anastasia Mikhailovena Sokolova. Please reply at your earliest convenience if you wish to attend, attending is not mandatory but the Barron wish to meet with fellow world leaders and royalty to open new relations as Russoslava enters into a New Era.

Signed, Ms Sasha Televracenko
Secerarty to Barron Medvedev

Respected Ms. Televracenko,

I wish to thank you and His and Her Excellency on the kind invitation. As a token of my gratitude, I will be happy to attend the ceremony. I am looking forward to further develop the relation between Infiny and Russoslava through this coronation and wedding ceremony. From the side of government, I would like to request permission to have Ms. Lena Cyseia, the Prime Minister of Infiny, attend as well.

Best regards,

Valeria Jezici-Makonnen
Empress of Infiny