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IIHL World Cup Tournament Update

After 7 Days and 4 Games, the Series between Team Romanovskaya and Team Russoslava is currently tied 2-2, Game 4 was won by Team Romanovskaya in a 2-1 Double Overtime victory. The Goaltenders in the games are the only reason why the games have ended up close. Sergei Volkov and Yuriy Khloponin have saved over 300 Shots in the past 4 games and only allowed 5 goals apiece. The Old Soviet-Style mixed with hard checkings and speed of thew Russoslav team can't get it past Khloponin and the Offensive focused style of Team Romanovskaya can't breach the hard check defense of the Russoslava team and Volkov's unique style.

Romanovskaya and Taiwanese state