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Rallys clash in Cairo, Alexandria responds
Cairo has been shook in recent weeks as royalists and republicans clash in the streets of Cairo. After the rallys in Alexandria, there were mirror rallys in the second city, with much different reactions. Cairo was the hotbed of anti royalists retributions during the unrest at the latter end of the Anax family rule. Families and friends of the thousands killed or tortured during the Republican movements war against the regime came out against the Royalists today as they held a rally in favour of the Princess Veranos to protest her exclusion from the Constitutional Convention. The scenes in the city were similar to those in the 70s but instead of working from the shadows, the Republicans attacked the rallys branding them as murderer supporters and fascists. All rallys have been cancelled to prevent anymore violence, but sporadic attacks between groups of Republicans and Royalists still plague the streets. Alexandria has warned that if the violence escalates, the national guard will be sent in