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Region: Geopolity

Russoslava wrote:3rd Overtime Period, 12.4 Seconds left, Game 7, Princess Irina II Stadium, Romanovskaya

"Greetings ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to our broadcast, I'm Josef Markov with my college John Carter, a game that started at 10 in the morning is in it's 3rd-hour, the score is tied 0-0, with Team Russoslava leading shots with 98 to Team Romanovskaya's 75. Right now both Goalies are exhausted. The Puck is about to drop in the Team Romanovskaya's Defensive Zone, here come's the linesmen, and here we go!" Markov said.

"Team Romanovskaya has won the face-off and here we go it's a two on 1 going into the defensive zone, oh Yelins was tripped Portovski, Ref's signaling for a penalty shot!" Carter added.

"Team Romanovskaya won that face-off and Valentin Yelins and his Left Winger Gennadiy Saytakhmetov broke out of the zone and left Grigory Protovski by himself and he tried to poke check Yelinsbut ended up tripping him," Markov observed.

"Poke is on the Center ice face dots, Valentin Yelins has not had a signal penalty shot all tournament, Sergei Volkov has never left one pass him, Here comes Valentin Yelins, he goes right in Volkov poke checks, and Valentin Yelins scores? Wait but Volkov got his stick on that puck the ref is saying it's a good goal," Carter said, confused.

"Volkov is going to the Ref and is pointing to his stick, saying "I got that, it's a dead puck" and the ref isn't having it, the Game is going to end on a controversial goal, OH WOW, Volkov just threw his stick in disgust and is leaving the ice with his team" Markov added.

"Here comes Team Romanovskaya to celebrate with Valentin Yelins, and Russoslav fans are booing and leaving the stadium," Carter noted.

"Here comes Milan Mikhailachuk IIHL president, to present the trophy to the team,"


As the game ends, the Romanovan players run over to celebrate with Valentin Yelins who scores the final goal. The home crowd cheer in delight as Team Romanovskaya come through to win the IIHL tournament, beating Russoslava in a close final. The Princely family in the royal viewing box also applaud the team for their huge achievement.

The team make their way to the presentation podium, greeting the IIHL officials who hand them their medals. The players then all stand on the podium, with captain Edgar Burdukovsky and vice-captain Lubomir Kollerov standing at the front. They each take hold of the trophy and lift it into the air as the fireworks go off. All the players jump up and down on the podium and spray champagne all over each other in wild celebration.