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Funds for dry mist technology

In summers, Infiny can be considered quite hot, if not scorching. The capital, Mogadishu, frequently reaches 40 degrees celcius in June, and Mizima, Finfinne and Nairobi are also not unfamiliar with temperatures around the 30 degrees celcius. Much of northern Infiny is located in dryland, making hydration and cooling down problems for farmers, tourists, and city-dwellers.

The Cyseia-administration recognizes the importance of these issues. The problem that stood in the way of the issue being resolved easily was the primary 'cooler,' water, or rather the lack thereof. In northern Infiny, water is scarcely available. As such, wasting nearby water was out of the question. The water that had to be transported from the southern provinces has long been a burden on Infiny's infrastructure. This is why the government now seeks to use dry mist as a way to cool the people in hot and dry regions down.

The system is already used in various cities around the world. In these cities, people can walk through or under contraptions various shapes, during which the mist is sprayed on them. This gives them an amazing cooling and refreshing experience, perfect during a scorching summer's day. The device creates a latent heat of vaporization when the mist evaporates, which lowers the direct atmospheric temperature. Since it immediately evaporates, people don't get wet. The pressure of the devices is not yet clear, as the government is currently reaching out to private cooperations for the realization of this plan.

Current estimations of the funds for this project and the required technology are estimated to be at around 500 to 750 million Icoes.