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Marti republic

Marti republic wrote:Department of Transportation

The State of Haiti will be upgrading its existing highway system.

It will utilize the most up to date safety technology to reduce the chances of vehicles crossing the other side of the highway, as well as LED based lighting, designed to run off solar energy. Solar Panels will be placed through out several medians to also help generate additional green energy to help power nearby towns.

The estimated time frame of the first phase will be over the next year and a half (78-80 RL days) and
cost $50 million dollars.

Department of Transportation

An additional $20 million has been approved to improve the overall infrastructure of the roads in Port-au-prince.

Origin Energy is also investing another $20 million into the city to help develop solar technology in the city. Traffic lights will be running off of solar tech, and businesses will be working with origin to install solar panels on rooftops, and where else they can be installed.

This is part of a larger effort to revamp the city, spur economic growth, and to encourage younger people to stay in the city.

Havana will soon be seeing another similar project start up within the next several months.