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Region: Lazarus

Treadwellia wrote:Although the frequent, unconscious expenditures of Tubbius Magic are naturally burning some of the calories, Dr. Biggenbottom-Tubbius expects that The Chubby Caboose will soon become even chubbier as Tubbius becomes accustomed to this occasional, unbidden Magic use, thus seeing less actual exertion from it and feeling even less drain and fewer ill effects.

The doctor has already discussed the possibility of such things with Mrs. Tubbius, and both have agreed to watch with muffled glee the results. They have even started a private betting pool among the palace staff and the Bellies as to when His Rotundity will begin complaining about needing another trip to Tubbabies or to Big and Tubby because His clothes keep shrinking.

It seems that Mrs. Tubbius Herself has won the first round of the betting pool. Midday grumbling and complaining about Tubblouse buttons popping open on their own and a Tubbex elastic waistband digging uncomfortably into His middle sent a partially disrobed Tubbius to visit Dr. Biggenbottom-Tubbius and his talking scale. Apparently, His Obesity is up fifty pounds in just under three days, now setting the scale to creaking at 12.8 Tubbs. Thus, with a playful jab of pudgy pointer deep into His Immensity's belly button, the doctor wrote an equally playful, emergency prescription out for the Tubbius family to make a trip to Piggy Cliff Mall's clothing stores.

There is the advice, though, from the doctor to mmph MMPH: "Slow down a bit!"

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