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Loftegen 2 wrote:Altenburg Independent News

Please indulge us while we give free reign to our inner gossip tabloid writer/editor.

Culture shock in Leonism!

Loftegen 2 tourists visiting the Imperium for the first time report a stunning lack of personal motor transport!

"There aren't any cars!" one person exclaimed in shocked disbelief. "They expect us to take a train, or a bus, or ride a bicycle or- or- or even walk!

Truly a perplexing conundrum: how can any first class nation lack an extensive InterCanton Highway System (or equivalent)?

Will our tourists adapt? Or survive!? Someone should probably write a guide book.

Don't look at me, I hate tourists.

INN International News

The Imperial Tourism Bureau (ITB) issued a joint statement today with the Ministry for Science, Research and Technology (WIFOTE), the Ministry for the Imperial Economy (IVOWI) and the Foreign Ministry:

We would like to correctly recent reports in foreign media whereby there were no cars in the Imperium of Leonism and tourists were forced to walk or use public transport.

It is factually correct that there had been a ban of private cars in several cities in Leonism earlier this year. This at no point applied to Taxis or rental cars for tourists. The ban has since been overturned, nationwide.

It is correct that we discourage the use of private motor vehicles for short range trips under 1 km, however, contrary to some rumours there are no laws forbidding this.

We are confident that the transport options available to tourists and locals alike are by and large excellent. Trains, Trams and Buses have been upgraded in the recent years, especially in areas with lots of tourists. Walkways and bicycle lanes are generally clean and even, encouraging everyone to walk short distances or take a bicycle. Rental bicycles are widely available in tourist areas for small fees.

Whenever personal motor transport is required, Taxis are available. Rental car companies are available at every airport and several city centres, ask for details at your local ITB office.

A vast network of superhighways, the Autobahn, is linking cities and provinces in Leonism. It has no speed limit and a minimum speed of 100 km/h (61 mph)
Foreign drivers are advised that traffic should keep to the right lane except when overtaking. Speed limits on country roads are 100 km/h and 50 km/h within city limits (30 mph).

Whenever you are uncertain about your travel options in Leonism, feel free to contact the ITB or - when already inside the country - visit our local offices, widely found at airports and in city centres.

On behalf of Imperator Konsul Leo himself, who is noted as an avid private pilot, we'd also like to remind all foreigners in possession of a pilot license that General Aviation infrastructure is well established in Leonism and rental aircraft are widely available. Depending on your background, additional training of at least one hour with a local flight instructor might be necessary to familiarize yourself with local airspace design, Imperial air law, radio transmissions and aircraft types.

Perchan and Loftegen 2