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Region: The East Pacific

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*Thank you for the references Stellar Colonies

Stellar Colonies file: nation=stellar_colonies/detail=factbook/id=940742

*There are gaps, but past them is the rest of the story.
The First Jar-Jar Invasion:region=the_east_pacific/page=display_region_rmb?postid=28762470#p28762470

The Second Jar-Jar Invasion:region=the_east_pacific/page=display_region_rmb?postid=30001281#p30001281

The start of the civil war.

Talitoa was fighting Jar-Jar during the second Jar-Jar Invaision. He planned to take over the dimensions of U-0 and U-2 for his shadowy overlords along with the unknown evil. But Jar-Jar failed at plan A, and had to go with plan B. Plan B was a part of his plan to take over the worlds of U-0 and U-2 if his first plan failed. On March 25, 2018, Plan B to invade Talitoa was a go. Jar-Jar planned to use communist and dictatorial sympathizers as puppets for the puppet state he would install at Tomagod, the biggest and most economically important city in Talitoa. Tomagod and half the country would soon fall to Jar-Jar later that day by him activating the puppet forces all over and moving in volentiers over to the front lines. The first posters where put out (as already planned in advance) with a simple change to the new puppet dictator Ramonos Fri. Much of Talitoa was then in the hands of a communist (more dictatorial) puppet state owned by Jar-Jar for a week. Ramonos Fri himself was more mysterious then Jar-Jars plans.

Nobody knows where Ramonos Fri came from. On the main propaganda channels, Ramonos would tell the crowd of his hometown of Jeleti in the southwest of Talitoa. But the problem is Jeleti's records never showed a Ramonos Fri from the town when he was supposedly born there in Nov. 9, 1977. Older theories think he was he was a shape-shifter or human looking alien from Jar-Jar's inner circle for how he was able to gain the position. Other newer theories have found evidence he was human, and that he was maybe a random human who changed his name to stay hidden. Evidence has been found in January 18, 2019 that he had a different name than Romanos and that he was someone from Kototo (second largest city), but no context was found from the surviving pages of Romonos's burned diary. The horrors of the two would be one of the things keeping the country under fear at first.

2,700,489 Talitoans would be killed over the week long occupation by Jar-Jar's forces, and 1,000,334 would die outside of occupied territory (All together, 3,700,823 people would die). Protesters or partisans would be shot on sight or sent to kangaroo courts where they'll eventually be executed. The more unlucky people would be sent to gulag like camps to be tortured and treated like animals. There were even some torture centers made in cities all over occupied land, not only made as a reminder to the public to what would happen if they misbehave, but also for Ramonos Fri to enjoy and watch the proceeding. People that died outside of the occupied zones would die of hunger, bombing, military conflict, and disease. Some people were captured from the rebels and would be tortured even worse than other partisans. But while Ramonos and Jar-Jar were chilling in Tomagod, the resistance outside occupied territory were slowly tipping the balance.

Partisan rebels would form all over the occupied territory and would be a nuisance to the war effort. Walker Vons (famous Talitoan newscaster) was chosen to be the main newscaster of digital propaganda after he pretended to swear allegiance. Walker Vons, thanks to a couple days that were needed to set up viewing equipment to review the content, was able to send messages of hope and inspiration to rise up against the terrible overlords of Jar Jar and Ramonos Fri. Though Walker Vons was caught after 2 days and was arrested, before he managed to wiggle free and escape into the more abandoned sections of town. Other partisans would form around influential members of government, a few rebellious elements in Jar-Jars army, and just grouping together against a common enemy. Divisions where made with names like "The Warden's Cellar", "Oarfish Brigade Hometeam", and "Ginga Fruit Boot". Many Partisan groups became the bane of Jar Jars forces, as it quickly became the Vietnam or Afghanistan of Jar-Jars war against Stellar Colonies and U-2. It got to the point where a few cities occupied by Jar Jar were let go because of the Partisans around at the end of the war. The main focal point of Jar-Jar's plans was the conquest of the other half of Talitoa under the control of the original government.

The original government forces would do more damage than the partisans where doing, though had a hard time at first. But the efforts of the original government took attention away from Jar-Jar occupied country for partisans to rise up. The sieges where long, hard, and brutal, with Jar-Jar seemingly winning before he even took the cities. Places like Voclod may have been the hardest nut to crack on the outside, but inside could be weak with low supplies and food. Takkaok itself had the most trouble going through since most of the attention was getting the capital. The president and most of the high ranking government was almost even blown up on the first day, if the spy wasn't found out and jailed. Government forces had their break when the partisans got to much to bear around the fifth day and allowed the Talitoans to take back a fourth of occupied land. But the biggest factor and help came from other nations involved in the war.

The Talitoan Civil War could've lasted weeks more if other nations didn't join in. Thomas (from Stellar Colonies), came on the 3rd day and helped to stop the siege of Voclod, saved famous Talitoan newsman Walker Vons from being beaten to death, and was a big help in the Battle of Split Tomagod (when allied forces beat down on Jar-Jars capital on the last day). Kampf Empire took over many eastern lands held by Jar-Jar, and was a big nuisance. Zukchiva gave Talitoa all their fighter jets just in case. Kilkire sent food, money, and ammunition to struggling cities owned by the original government. Stellar Colonies helped the most by bringing the most soldiers to the fronts when the Unknown Evil lost. After everything that happened, Talitoa became even stronger.

The Talitoan Civil War was a war that no Talitoan will forget. Jar-Jar himself fled to Marche Noir (destroyed), and would be captured by allied forces after a EoE (Euricanis) containment accident foiled his plans. The Unknown Evil and Jar-Jar would subsequently be executed a week after the war finished with plenty of time to curse their situation. Romanos and his second hand man would be killed by one of the people they were torturing down in the bunker. The rebuilding process would take two weeks thanks to all the effort and help from Talitoa's allies. Today, nothing much survives from the Civil War as wreckage and scarred land, as that has been expertly cleaned up. There are still a few posters hidden, old bits of war equipment from both sides, and the occasional citazen that was once a minion of Jar-Jar in the populace. The rest is in private hands or in museums to tell the tale. But as the years go on, Talitoa will never forget the Civil War or the presence of Jar-Jar's 2 wars.


This was the first poster in the series of propaganda pushed by Jar Jar. The purpose of this was to kind of ease the population into Jar Jar's and his puppet dictator Ramonos Fri. Though it was also made to get people that felt isolated by the past government.

This poster was the second one made in the propaganda scene. A poster that was meant to show the people that Talitoa was a evil monster who was bloodthirsty. The rubble in the poster is from the town of Hatchet, which ironically was a town Jar Jars forces bombed when they found resistance fighters.

The third propaganda piece, it was placed as posters and as postcards. This was meant to help the Unknown Evil when he was starting to have trouble taking over Stellar Colonies in the middle of the last week of March. Most of the posters were lost after they were recalled for using the wrong image (a naked lady), and were being replaced when the storage building was bombed.

The fourth piece to be put out. This was made and sent out when the rebels were starting to break through army lines with ease. So more people were called to be a part of the counter invasion.

The fifth piece of propaganda. Around the end of the civil war, many soldiers were defecting to the rebel side. So, many of the rebels began infiltrating bases and towns trying to get information. The people needed not to talk about what the government was doing.

The sixth and final piece of propaganda created by the Peoples Republic of Talitoa. This is when so many people were defecting that the factories needed more people to work them. But there was also a time limit as the war machine was dying and the rebels were getting closer to Tomagod. So the people got a picture from the factory and rushed the production of the poster (seen by the poorly placed blocks on the conveyor and no Talitoan Ministry of Truth logo on it.) The poster was barely able to be put up when the rebels finally came in to Tomagod and drove Jar Jar out.

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