by Max Barry

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Region: The East Pacific

The Purge of the National Guard Militia

After the crimes in a town in the ImperFeudal Territory were growing at an alarming rate, ImperFeudal decided to prosecute the criminals leading to a Militia Division to "purge" the people of the criminals, every crime studied would be punished, all the gangs, eliminated, the orders were not thought twice and were made, they arrested 25% of the population of the criminal town of 50,000 inhabitants, all the gangs were arrested and the leaders of those were killed, no matter how big it was the gang, the orders were applied to create rules, and the town was occupied for a week, everyone who had committed crime of murder or aggravated robbery was arrested, and a march was made raising the army flag, it is said that on 5 % of the inhabitants were unknown foreigners, ImperFeudal named them as "Thieves from another country", even because of the genocide that was done, the people lived peace, since, although they all had fear Doing crimes, all those who were innocent lived peace, and the population would grow again, the National Guard was interrogated by the army, they asked if it was necessary for a single town, and said it was necessary, to fear the towns and cities where the crime grew, to let them see what the militia can do for just crimes, the criminals were so many that they needed temporary prisons, the average number of years in prison was 2-10