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The Rexist Rijk wrote:Board of Punishments

The Board of Punishments has officially criminalised the The Ten Abominations, under Mandate by the Dongfeng Emperor.

The Ten Abominations were a list of criminal offences which were regarded as the most horrifying, and which were perceived to threaten the well-being of civilized society. Some were punishable by death, while others warranted other severe penalties.

They are listed below:

  • Plotting rebellion to overthrow the current regime.

  • Plotting sedition to damage or destroy royal temples, royal properties, ancient sites, or palaces. Feng Shui equated intentional damaging of royal property with casting a curse on the sovereign.

  • Plotting treason to defect to an enemy state, whilst carrying national secrets.

  • Patricide.

  • Depravity, wherein one murders the innocent, or mutilates corpses.

  • Great irreverence and Lèse-majesté.

  • Lack of filial piety to treat badly one's parents or grandparents.

  • Discord, wherein one harms one's spouse or relatives.

  • Unrighteousness in the form of petty treason, or murder of one's superiors, mentor, or local government officials.

  • Incest, which was defined as having affairs with the wives of one's male relatives.

    Rebellion, sedition and treason are typically punishable by death, while the others may involve the Punishments of Mo (Tattooing of the Head in the case of Incest, Unrighteousness and Discord),
    Yi (Removal of the Nose in the case of Depravity),
    Yue (Amputation of the Limb in the case of Filial Piety),
    Gong (Removal of the Genitals in the case of Incest),
    Zanxing (Crushing of the Fingers in the case of Depravity),
    Gongxing (Solitary Confinement in the case of Unrighteousness),
    Zhang (beating with staves in the case of Great Irreverence),
    and Liu (Exile in the case of Patricide)

  • NEWS

    Infinian human rights lobby groups have expressed their desire for the government to condemn the punishments of these crimes as crimes against humanity. Although he wished he were not forced to use this term in relation to a friendly nation, spokesman Yemane Rudnay states that 'the facts must be met head-on.'

    'As a human rights lobby, we do not seek to undermine the legal system of the Qing, nor to deny them the right to punish criminals. Each of the ten abominations is indeed based on asocial or criminal behavior of man, and we would be wrong to say that treason should be entirely tolerated. The subject of this is quite logically up to debate, but the death penalty, torture and mutilation are gross violations of the rights of man.'

    'We believe these punishments to be degrading and inhumane, capital punishment included. The extensive maiming of criminals, whether through Mo, Yi, Yue, Gong, Zanxing, Zhang, or death, should be considered barbaric. We call on the government of the Imperial Federation to strongly denounce these punishments, as they directly conflict with the way of life in Infiny. Should the government not denounce the cruel and barbaric measures of the Qing, then they will be guilty of hypocrisy, significantly undermining their claims of 'freedom, equality, and tolerance.´'