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Election 2020: Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls 18.5%, Kuriko 14.8%, McMasterdonia 8.7%, The Bigtopia 8.2%, Caelapes 7.9%, Valentine Z 4.0%, The Salaxalans 3.1%, Jocospor 3.1%, Giovanniland 2.7%, Dekks 2.6%, Wymondham 2.2%


Region: The East Pacific

Brethren wrote:

Clara rushes over to check on Charlie, eyes wide and running. She has a knife from the kitchen hidden in one baggy sleeve, but no eagerness to use it - she doesn't even look at the intruder, that's not her main concern.

Charlie is out for the count, a goose egg between his eyes.

Rocko takes the man to the floor, and he spits out various words in a foreign language. One name sticks out. It's Clara's last name. Her parents shared name...