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Monaco-monte carlo

The Rexist Rijk wrote:Board of Punishments

The Board of Punishments has officially criminalised the The Ten Abominations, under Mandate by the Dongfeng Emperor.

The Ten Abominations were a list of criminal offences which were regarded as the most horrifying, and which were perceived to threaten the well-being of civilized society. Some were punishable by death, while others warranted other severe penalties.

They are listed below:

    Official statement - Condemnation of barbaric punishments
    ~ Secretariat to the League, Monaco-monte carlo

    The League of Nations's Secretariat does hereby condemn the newly adopted policy of the Board of Punishments, The Rexist Rijk, with regards to the so-called Ten Abominations.

    Though the League understands and recognises that the crimes therein named ought to be punishable as such, criminal offences, we think that the punishments mandated by the Board are dating back to almost Medieval times. This goes especially for the removal of certain body parts, such as the nose and limbs.

    The League of Nations always stands for human rights. Including those of criminals, for that shows the world true decency: that you can, irrespective of what another person did to you and your community, show respect and dignity for the human being and treat him as he ought to have treated you[r community].


    Gabriella, Comtesse de Polignac
    Director-General to the League