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Fortilder wrote:Almost all types of anarchy imply the transformation of states into small autonomous communities, excluding Stirnerís egoism. Anarchists oppose centralized governments that have power over people and justify their arbitrariness, but anarchism does not mean that there is no head of the family, head of the community, [formal] head of the village who monitors the economy, etc.

There are even small subspecies of anarchy that have the opposite of this.
You are likely to fall out of your chair from laughter, but there is such a mistake of nature as "anarcho-monarchism." The essence of this oxymoron is that there is only one person who has absolute power and its function is to ensure that no other authorities are formed in the country. I agree, it sounds strange to go nuts, but I also met with such...

That just sounds like absolute monarchism?
Do they believe in the Divine Right to rule?