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Reichsrat Announces Snap Elections!

In a surprise turn of events. After much deliberation and debate, Reichsrat is set to hold a snap election within the coming months in response to recent distrust between the Republicanists and various other parties that they blame for the clashes outside Reich's Palace. Kanzler Lichtwelf hs yet to comment while many within Reichsrat and Reichstag have all gone to social media and various other news channels to make their thoughts known.

The various sides see this as a perfect move to crush their opposition. With the Republicanists hoping to use this as a way to win power while Monarchist and Konservatives see this as a chance to win more seats and possibly even usurp the growing power, the Republianists have within the chamber. Many however are looking towards the Sozialistische Union who've kept a rather quiet front throughout their party.

It's unknown how things will turn or if they'll even be able to win any more seats. But all Erausi citizens are urge to keep an eye on what's going on and in time, go out and vote.