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Aigania wrote:To do as such, it will need the existence of the "faithful", but by existing and making them spin, they can be part of a power generation facility of a materialistic power.

And that instrumentalize their faith in a commodity for a rational, secular order.

Bene, indeed.

Non dictus bene, as the first cause--the Prime Mover--is the only necessary cause of any given effect. All that which instrumental causes could accomplish can be accomplished by the first cause alone, as is indicated in the Liber de causis. Thus, the materialistic power of generated in your facility is not an unwitting by product of the existence of the faithful, but an act of providence of the Omniscient God, whose vicar on earth is none but yours truly. This materialistic potency will not result in a rational, secular order, but a rational, secular chaos, since it only possesses its first actuality--existence--and not its second actuality--a form actuated by striving towards God, the final cause of all things, as secularism ipso facto is a renunciation of the Divine as the proper end of existence. Well played.

Your Imaginary Friend and Loftegen 2